Sound economic and financial analysis is often times imperative to the solution of complex business problems and obtuse legal matters.  With the accelerated pace of changes in technology, the complexity of financial instruments, increasingly obstructive regulatory environments and evermore burdensome governmental mandates, our clients face challenges that require approaches that are transparent, rigorous, innovative, responsive and resolute.

For nearly forty years RRC has been providing corporations, law firms and non-profit organizations with solutions to vexing business problems and complex antitrust and incomplete contracts litigation proceedings.  The team of experts at RRC  proffer astute economic, financial and statistical analysis — including expert testimony —  to those entities requiring cogent, thoughtful and unassailable economic rationale to direct or substantiate organizational behavior.  Over the many years RRC is proud to have been directly involved in some of the most significant antitrust and competition, intellectual property, and securities matters that have impeded the efficiency of the free market.

The team of experts at RRC are adept at processing, interpreting and determining the relevance of sophisticated empirical data sets pertaining to given firms, industries and markets.  RRC’s staff  develop analytical models to express firm value, assess economic damages and quantitatively explain firm behavior.

We have proudly engaged in matters relating to trade dress, trademark and copyright, patent damages, infringement damages, fraud, damages due to breach of contract, and unjust enrichment.   In these matters RRC’s experts have performed analysis related to lost profits, reasonable royalties, lost royalties, disgorgement of profits, price erosion, market expansion, market share, market definition, marketing practices, business and license valuation, government contracting practices, billing disputes, business viability, business interruption, and pre-judgment interest.

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