Survey Research

Survey Research

RRC provides superior survey management and statistical analysis expertise to an array of organizations and institution types.  Our objective is to improve our clients’ understanding of their customer base through collection and analysis of vital information.  With concrete objectives in mind RRC’s survey services add value to the increasingly important information supply chain.

RRC carefully designs questionnaires to meet the high standards set for legal and academic surveys which will withstand scrutiny through courtroom examination and rigorous peer review.  We apply sophisticated analyses to survey design and results and deliver depositions and testimony that can be defended against challenges regarding methodology, validity, subtle biases, and other factors.

We appreciate that our survey clients have narrow administration windows, hard-to-reach contributors and require sound sampling techniques and proven methodologies in gathering meaningful data for analyses.  RRC’s Survey division collects data using customized mixed contact methods.  RRC’s administration method plans quality in all along the way and remains neutral and objective throughout the course of the project.  Which over the years has yielded valuable, reliable results to our clients with superb response rates.


Areas of Expertise:

  1. Administration Architecture
  2. Sampling Strategies
  3. Instrument Design & Production
  4. Data Collection
  5. Response Rate


Our Focus:

  1. Method Design Accuracy
  2. Data Integrity & Reliability
  3. Error Elimination
  4. Strong Response Rate

Recently RRC analyzed the impact of expanding practice boundaries testing the therapeutic practicality of remote practice techniques that offer patients greater access to high quality care.  RRC monitored and evaluated the market response that opening channels related to testing and treatment protocols had on firms and the general healthcare sector.

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